7 Best Online DIY Gym Equipment Guides

Homemade gym equipment is all the rage right now. Between exorbitant gym prices and the fact that there’s just not enough time in the day to make the drive to the gym everyday, a lot of people have taken the DIY route. DIY gym equipment is not only affordable, but sometimes it opens up a lot of doors to more creative workouts. Here are 7 of the best free DIY gym equipment guides on the internet.

Home Gym Equipment in Oakland CA | Exercise Equipment Warehouse

Home Gym Equipment in Oakland CA | Exercise Equipment Warehouse

7: Homebuilt Dip Station

A dip station is a great way to workout your shoulders and chest. This guide shows you how to put together a fantastic homemade dip station that’s not only cheap-it’s safe. Most of the supplies are simply galvanized steel pipe (there’s a variation made with PVC pipe, which is cheaper but won’t hold as much weight).

6: DIY Kettlebell

Kettlebells are incredible for building a tight, toned core. They’re also pretty expensive, considering they’re basically a ball of iron with a handle. This guide shows you how to make a homemade kettlebell for less than $10-so you get the same great workout for like a fifth of the price.

5: The Waterball

Waterballs aren’t very common, but they offer a great workout. A waterball is essentially a large, flexible ball filled with, you guessed it, water! Because of the way they slosh around, you have to work different muscle groups to keep a waterball in place. Sort of like a sandbag, but harder to handle. This waterball guide makes one out of a simple yoga ball.

4: How to Make Extreme Pull Up Bar P90X Style

Extreme Pull Up

Extreme Pull Up

If you don’t know what P90X is, you’ll find out pretty soon. It’s a great workout routine that incorporates a lot of different types of training into a single session. Unfortunately, it uses a lot of equipment. But with this guide you can make a P90X style pull up bar at home with a few pipes and a mount.

3: Make It Cheap Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian bags add a lot of versatility to a workout, but professional ones can get a little pricey. This homemade Bulgarian bag has two basic ingredients: An inner tube, and sand. For just a few bucks you’ll be carrying and swinging your way to fitness in no time flat.

2: DIY Slosh Pipe

Slosh pipes are similar to waterballs, but instead of being in a loose bag, the water is in a pipe. This DIY guide shows you how to make a cheap, simple, effective slosh pipe with just PVC pipe and some flexible end caps.

1: How to Make A Homemade Climbing Peg Board

Climbing pegboards are like pull up bars on steroids (but please remember, steroids aren’t usually a good thing). This guide makes a fantastic DIY climbing peg board out of a length of fencing board and a thick wooden dowel.

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