Building Your Own Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight lifting is a sport which has lasted for centuries, starting some time in between 256 B.C and 10 B.C. The records of the first weight lifters seem to come from Greece and Scotland. Surpisingly, the early days of Olympics did not include weight lifting as a sport. But after it is recognized as event in games and sports in international arena, it became very popular. Primary exercises need to be done for perfect weight lifters. Today, they use dumb bells and barbells, but in ancient days, people did not have this equipment readily available, so they needed to make their own. You can also build your own weight lifting equipment and workout at home according to the available place.

How to Build Your Own Rowing Machine

How to Build Your Own Rowing Machine

Weight lifters usually go to a local gym or health club, and find many pieces of equipment that are specialized to specific parts of their body. If you watch TV, you would have seen the ads that tempt you to purchase thigh machines and Ab Crunchers and other muscles developing machines which come in the local commercials. Those machines may or may not be effective.

There are many home weight lifting machines that are also most efficient in building strength and muscle mass. A variety of weight lifting equipment is available to you to reach your goals and objectives. It’s important to note that some weight lifting equipment are more expensive than others, some are more complex, some require more skill, and some are more time efficient. You can build your own weight lifting equipment and make your own gym at home by assembling weight bench, dumbbells barbells and can purchase only complicated machines.

To build your own weight lifting equipment you need to take few points into consideration. How much space do you have for your equipment? What is your budget to build your own weight lifting equipment? Which part of your body do you want to concentrate on? How much time do you have to build your own weight lifting equipment?

If you have only few hours to spare, it is better to go for readymade stuff and then bring it home and just assemble it. You need to have your weight bench etc. If you have few days to spare and enough room in the house, you can buy all the parts that you want and then come home and peacefully put it all together. In fact, if you have a low wooden table, you can use that for balance and as a weight lifting bench, and then use common objects around your house as weights. Take gallon jugs of milk, fill them with water, and you have some low-weight dumb bells that didn’t cost you a thing. When you need to go up in weight, add some pebbles or small rocks.

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

If you want to broaden you shoulders, then concentrate on weight lifting equipment which will help you achieve that. If you want to improve your legs then bring weight lifting equipment which you will have to use your legs to workout. You can make your own equipment for this too. While this will take a little more creativity and planning, it is fairly simple to recreate some of the more expensive pieces of machinery from lumber and materials at your local Home Depot and save money that way. Simple devices are often not much more than a seat with a few pulleys.

When you build your own weight lifting equipment, you save yourself a lot of money. You also save on maintenance becauase since you put it together, you will know how to repair it or disassemble it.

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