Four Womens Dumbbell Exercises to Tone Your Muscles

Women’s dumbbell exercises are ideal to building a strong, toned body. There are many variations to target different areas of the arms, chest and legs. The main portion of the arms are the triceps, so targeting that area will most likely show the biggest improvement in overall size and toning of the arm. This, however, is not always desired for women. Pectoral muscles are a very popular area for toning on a male and are ideal for dumbbell exercises. Women, however, may find this area to be more difficult to train. Finally, the legs are much easier to work out with when only using dumbbells as opposed to other bulky equipment and larger weights. Legs are typically an area that hold fat on women and are often a major part of their workout.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: 5 Things You Should Know

Dumbbell Exercises for Women: 5 Things You Should Know

Many women’s dumbbell exercises target the triceps. These exercises include curls and extensions. Both of these exercises will tone the area and are very similar to the action that will be obtained from an exercise like a push up. Doing all exercises together as opposed to just one will always yield the best results. Dumbbell exercises in conjunction with exercises such as push-ups are ideal. Targeting the triceps on a female will help prevent that excess flab that can be an eye sore.

Other women’s dumbbell exercises targeting the arm include bicep curls and hammer curls. Both are variations targeting the front of the arm, or the bicep. This muscle is not as big of a fraction of the arm as the triceps, but is still crucial for overall arm performance. Dumbbells are the easiest weight to use when training the biceps. Although there are many machines that can be found that target the biceps, none of the machines offer the same range of full motion that can be obtained from dumbbells. Dumbbells also offer resistance constantly when extending and contracting the muscle. This action will give the best result when toning any muscle. For women, typically more reps and less weight is the best way to go for toning the arm area.

Four Womens Dumbbell Exercises to Tone Your Muscles

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Women’s dumbbell exercises can also extend to other parts of your body other than the arms. The chest is also another major area that can be targeted. Women’s dumbbell exercises on a best weight bench can target the pectoral muscles by utilizing the bench press exercise, as well as an incline or decline variation. All three of these women’s dumbbell exercise are suitable for training the pectoral muscles better than a typical press with a bar bell. A bar bell always keeps your hands in the same position on the bar, where dumbbells allow for a full range of motion. Typically toning muscles in this area will be seen in the upper chest.

Finally, women’s dumbbell exercises can target the legs. This is accomplished by holding the dumbbells at one’s side and doing typical leg exercises such as leg squats, presses and lunges. These are very easy and the added weight of the dumbbells will increase one’s overall fitness and performance. Women’s dumbbell exercises can accomplish a full body workout. They are small enough to store under the bed or in the closet. Bulky equipment is not needed to obtain overall body fitness and dumbbells are a cheap and efficient alternative.

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