How to Naturally Clean Exercise Equipment

You may not realize it but there are plenty of things in your home that can contain lots of germs and bacteria. This includes your exercise equipment. If you really take the time to think about it, how often do you clean your exercise equipment? Do you ever really clean your exercise equipment? Unfortunately the answer for many is a clear no. We don’t think about it and therefore don’t bother. Your exercise equipment really needs to be cleaned. The best way to clean these items, and to keep them from getting damaged by harsh chemicals is to take the time and clean them naturally.

York - Narrow Stance Weight Bench : Folds for Storage

York – Narrow Stance Weight Bench : Folds for Storage

The first suggestion in cleaning everything from a weight bench to your arm weight is to use a simple vinegar solution. You will be surprised at how much vinegar can actually kill. First you will need to mix half a cup of vinegar (I prefer to use the apple cider vinegar), with two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. You can easily hand squeeze the lemon juice into a spray bottle. Don’t worry so much about the seeds you can always pick these out later if you would like. Once you have the mixture in the spray bottle you can spray it on your exercise equipment and use a regular cloth to wipe off. If you have electrical exercise equipment you will obviously want to be careful and not get any of the computer area wet. If you choose to do so you can also pour the solution on the cloth and then just wipe the surface areas down. You will be removing and of the sweat that may be on their as well as dust.

Weight Bench Guides

Weight Bench Guides

The next suggestion is to clean those exercise balls. The first thing you will want to do is deflate the exercise ball. Once it is complete deflated you will want to place it in a basin with about a quarter cup of baking soda, and three tablespoons of peroxide. The mixtures will react to each other, and remove any of the dirt you may have building up on your exercise ball. Allow the exercise ball to soak for about five minutes. Then rinse it off well and dry it off using a dry cloth. When the ball is completely dry you can then go ahead and blow it all the way up. These are a few very easy and simple suggestions on how to naturally clean off your exercise equipment.

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