Increase Your Maximum Bench Press and Muscle Size with the Close-Grip Bench Press

When you think of the words Bench Press, you think of a weight bench, a barbell racked with an amount of weight to your liking and a hand grip placement of relatively twenty-four inches apart, right? You may also think of an excruciating amount of time for disappointing results in strength and size increase. Well, why don’t you try adding the Close-Grip Bench Press to your workout, a variation of the classic Medium-Grip Bench Press. The Close-Grip Bench Press is a compound exercise that increases both size and strength in the Triceps while simultaneously working the Chest, Shoulders and Biceps.

Boost Your Bench Press, Squat, And Deadlift!

Boost Your Bench Press, Squat, And Deadlift!

Why the Close-Grip Bench Press?

Why should you do the Close-Grip Bench Press you may ask? Well this is an exercise that is found to be very beneficial to increasing the size and strength in your Triceps while plateau busting and increasing your maximum Medium-Grip Bench Press. If you think you have reached your maximum weight lifted and don’t perform the Close-Grip Bench it’s assured that you can strive much further beyond your perceived limitations.

How do you do the Close-Grip Bench Press?

When performing a Close-Grip Bench Press all the things you need are a weight bench, a barbell, weighted plates, and a determination to succeed. Yes, that last part sounds cheesy but when you are going to try a new exercise it’s best to go in open-minded and a “I Think I Can” attitude. If you don’t believe, then you won’t succeed. So, now time for the fun part. Lie flat on the bench with your feet firmly planted on the floor, then grab the bar while placing your hands about six inches apart and lift the bar extending your arms completely. This is your starting position. If it feels more comfortable you may extend the distance in your hand placement but do not exceed twelve inches. Now using your triceps and keeping your elbows close to your body slowly lower the bar until you are almost touching the middle of your chest. This is your ending position. Hold this position and then begin to extend your arms until they reach their full extension and don’t forget to exhale while doing so. There you have it, you just completed you first Close-Grip Bench Press repetition.

Kiss Your Old Bench-Press Max Goodbye!

Kiss Your Old Bench-Press Max Goodbye!

What are the recommended sets and repetitions?

As for sets and repetitions your best option is using what is called the Lifting Pyramid. Essentially what the Lifting Pyramid is, as you do more sets you decrease in repetitions and increase in weight. Some find this to be the best lifting style for building strength and size. A comfortable warm-up weight that you can perform fifteen repetitions which won’t exhaust your muscles and allow blood to begin to flow to the designated area is also a must. Exercise warm-ups are a great way to ensure decreasing the chance of injury. After completing your first fifteen repetitions, the first set, complete three more sets, the second at twelve reps, the third at ten reps and the fourth at eight reps. Don’t forget to add weight as you complete each set. Adding about five or ten pound weighted plates to each side is comfortable for most. Add the Close-Grip Bench Press to your Triceps Workout and you’ll see an increase in your Triceps size and increase in you maximum weight lifted in your Medium-Grip Bench Press. Remember if you don’t believe, you won’t succeed.

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