Best Marcy Weight Bench 2016 with Reviews

Marcy Weight Bench Reviews 2016

Marcy Weight Bench Reviews 2016

Marcy is a top manufacturer and supplier of home gym equipment. Over the years, the company has gained significant popularity due to its superior quality products. It manufactures a wide variety of products including dumbbells, weights, home gyms, exercise bikes, among others. However, its range of weight benches are the most popular items. They feature excellent quality and provide a more cost effective option of staying fit just at the comfort of your home. Lets look at some of the best Marcy weight bench models available on the market.

Top 6 Marcy Weight Bench Comparison Chart

1. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench Reviews

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

This Marcy weight bench is designed for working your shoulders, chest, abs, back, among others. Both the seat and back pad support are adjustable to suit various forms of exercises. The padding consists of top grade foam incorporated in a boxed upholstery for ultimate comfort. The bench can be customized to fit most half cages, smith machines and squat racks. When fully assembled it measures 52 x 25 x 46.5 inches. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Key features

  • 6-position adjustable back pad offers flat, incline and decline adjustments
  • 3-position adjustable seat to accommodate various users
  • 14 gauge powder coated steel frame provides great stability
  • High-density foam padding minimizes muscle fatigue
  • Transport wheels provide easy mobility

2. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Weight Bench

Incorporating an adjustable back pad and seat, this Olympic weight bench is perfectly engineered for various workouts, such as chest, shoulders, legs, biceps, among others. The frame is made of heavy duty steel for maximum durability and stability. This Marcy weight bench is well cushioned with high density foam and covered in a nice vinyl material. It is designed to fit all Olympic plates. The Marcy weight bench measures80 x 60 x 47.5 inches.

Key features

  • Five position (decline, incline, upright and flat) adjustable back pad for effective pectoral workout
  • Adjustable curl pad and bar for enhanced arm exercises
  • 2-inch thick pads lessen fatigue during workouts
  • Adjustable bar catch for proper and safe workout
  • Double function leg developer for effective leg exercises

3. Marcy Diamond Standard Bench with Butterfly

Marcy Diamond MD 389 Standard Bench with Butterfly

Marcy Diamond Standard Weight Bench with Butterfly

This is a Marcy standard weight bench designed to workout your shoulders, chest, legs, biceps, and more. It incorporates a sturdy construction made of durable steel frame and high density foam padding. The frame is powder coated for optimal durability. This Marcy weight bench accommodates standard size weight plates and barbells. It has a dimension of 60 x 52 x 47 inches.

Key features

  • Powder coated steel frame designed to last for years
  • Foam rollers pads and leg developer target major leg muscles
  • 4-position back pad enables you to perform several types of exercises
  • Adjustable curl pad for simple and comfortable arm exercises

4. Marcy Utility Flat Bench Reviews

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

Marcy Utility Flat Weight Bench

This is a simple yet effective flat weight bench designed to target major muscle groups. It features great padding, thanks to the high density foam incorporated in perfectly designed box upholstery. The frame is made of heavy gauge tubular steel that incorporates a powder finish for increased durability. The Marcy weight bench has a full dimension of 41.8 x 13.8 x 4.5 inches.

Key features

  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Compact size takes up minimal space
  • Sturdy construction offers a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Powder coated tubular steel frame for increased durability

5. Marcy Platinum Utility Weight Bench

Marcy Platinum Utility Bench

Marcy Platinum Utility Weight Bench

This utility weight bench is designed to help you perform a variety of exercises. The seat is fixed while the back pad can be adjusted to four various positions. The Marcy weight bench is perfectly cushioned with high-density deluxe upholstery for enhanced comfort. The durable steel frame incorporates a rubber cased base to avoid floor damage during workouts. When fully assembled, the Marcy Platium weight bench measures 48 x 26 x 42 inches.

Key features

  • 4-position back pad for flat, incline, decline and upright positions
  • Compact and folding design for convenient handling and storage
  • Knee and ankle foam roller pads for effective abdominal exercises
  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity

6. Marcy Diamond Mid Size Weight Bench

Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench

Marcy Diamond Mid Size Weight Bench

This Marcy weight bench is ideally designed to help you strengthen and tone your lower and upper body muscles. The back pad incorporates a multi position adjustment to suit a variety of exercises. The Marcy diamond weight bench features a boxed upholstery with high density foam to minimize user fatigue. It measures 82 x 43 x 60.5 inches and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Key features

  • Extra-large crutches and bar catches allow you to easily adjust bar height
  • Multi position back rest for incline, decline and flat chest presses
  • Adjustable curl pad for efficient arm workouts
  • Sturdy construction supports a maximum of 300 pounds


The above Marcy weight bench models are certainly the best in Marcy’s long list of weight benches. These benches are a perfect addition to your home workout room. They are really wonderful both in quality and functionality. These benches are designed to help you stay fit without emptying your wallet. They are actually an effective long term investment worth putting into consideration.

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