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A mere 3 weeks following the holiday of Christmas, I am prepared to review the aforementioned Weider weight bench. Naturally, my Las Vegas apartment community provides a recreational gym; however, it unfortunately lacks various free weights. Though machines are similarly designed to enable an increase in muscle growth and weight training, free weights produce maximum results and full potential. For those interested in comparing and contrasting the two, I have included a link here.

Weider | Fitness Equipment for sale

Weider | Fitness Equipment for sale

In relation to the previous observation, the weight machines limited my physical strength training. The holiday season rewarded my positive nature in 2009 with gifts and additional conveniences. Obviously, the latter refers to the Weider Weight System. The perks flourished. Ideally, the convenience of the personal weight system insisted that I exercise within the confines of my personal quarters. Of course, the community recreational facility remains an additional benefit assuming I need to work specific parts of the body via the machines; however, the convenience of a personal weight room proves an irreplaceable luxury.

Furthermore, assembly is detailed and easily accomplished. Personally, I lack mechanical inclination yet the construction still failed to succeed an hour of my time. The packaged pieces include necessary parts to set up a basic weight bench; however, additionally the set contains parts that will supply further demands such as leg lift, curl platform, and an inclined method of bench press. Inch thick metal bars also allow the weights to be tightened on shorter bars utilized as dumbbells. Curling repetitions can be incorporated into your training regime, as well as arm lifts, etc. Overall, the system is undeniably beneficial to serious weight trainers lacking free weights.

Weider 1120 Strength System

Weider 1120 Strength System

The only negative aspect that can be perceived on the product, the Weider weight bench, is that no weights are included. For those familiar with the retail price of weights, each weight, dumbbell, etc. is typically $1 a lb. Assuming the respective individual is lifting 200 lbs, he/she will unfortunately pay roughly $200 for the weights alone. The Weider weight bench is additionally purchased for a little over $100 retail. I recommend purchasing the Weider weight bench and then seeking the weights elsewhere, i.e. garage sale, craigslist, or other local areas. Please know that purchasing these weights on websites such as Ebay or Amazon can be relatively cheap, but you must ensure that shipping fees are included as this will undoubtedly prove very expensive.

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