The Soloflex Muscle Machine Review: Why This Home Gym Might Be the Perfect Fit

Do All of Your Favorite Muscle Building Exercises at Home

Soloflex Muscle Machines

Soloflex Muscle Machines

My Soloflex muscle machine has been a joy to use for about nine years now. Prior to my Soloflex, I worked out in my home with free-weights and a weight bench for about eight years. When my family moved to a smaller home, I no longer had the space for hundreds of pounds of weight plates, bars and a weight bench. So I began researching home gyms and discovered the Soloflex. I decided to invest in it for two reasons. One, it looked easy to assemble. One bolt, one nut and two washers. Two, it looked like it didn’t require a lot of space. Pushed against a wall, it sticks out just over three feet.

When my Soloflex arrived, I was able to put it together in about thirty minutes and begin my workout. When I was finished working out, I pushed the machine against a wall out of the way. I paid just over $1.500 for my Soloflex, which came with everything I needed to do all of the exercises I couldn’t do before my machine. After investing in the Soloflex, I was able to do dips, and pull-ups. Within four years of use, all of my 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb Soloflex weight straps had broken. I didn’t mind because the Soloflex allows you to use its weight straps and or standard weight plates. You can purchase used weight plates at any second hand sporting goods store for about 4 or 5 cents a pound. I continued to use my weight plates with my Soloflex for about four years.

Exercises Done Right

Exercises Done Right

These days I just like to stick to body weight exercises with my soloflex. When I want to add some flavor I do some incline bench presses. I have also discovered how to do decline push-ups with my Soloflex, its adjustable bar allows me many different heights. I am very happy about this discovery. I have read reviews about the Soloflex where users over six feet tall experienced difficulties using the Soloflex muscle machine’s bench. I am 5 feet six, so I wouldn’t know about that. I hope this review has helped anyone who’s thinking about investing in the Soloflex.

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